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VARNAM - 'Stories Of Channapatna' is a brand of handcrafted designer products in the home and lifestyle space. Each product has been handcrafted by an artisan from Channapatna, Karnataka using the age-old tradition of lac-turnery.

We created a packaging design that occupied minimal space, was simplistic in design, easy to transport/store and most importantly, easy to fabricate at the retail level. The packaging design consists of a flat-n-foldable inner corrugated box and a design sleeve that again can be flattened easily. The illustration based design style enhanced the natural colours and the quirky designs of the products inside. One can also find illustrations on the packaging that showcase the utility of the product inside, the craft-story, its origins, etc. These little details have helped create more awareness around this craft and an authenticity for the brand itself.

Varnam's packaging design has encouraged people to buy these products easily as they make perfect gifting options. More importantly though, it has given these products shelf-space in major boutiques across the country and garnered a strong brand recall from both, the people and the press.