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Singapore international Preparatory school: Brand identity design / Illustrations.

Preschool is as beautiful as it is innocent. These are years filled with knowledge, sunshine, games and growth. No harsh realities, no intense competition, no scurrying for admissions, no agonising over two marks less. When the reservoir of hope is always full. Perhaps the only time when a sense of wonder is at its peak. When learning isn't by rote and life is one long recess full of discovery, yummy lunch boxes, exploration, music, dance and pure joy.

The Idea : To create characters with a blend of illustration and graphic design, who will represent the infinite positivity that children possess. We have created three characters - Happy, Fun and Joy. They're simple in the way they look and their smile reflects the openness, the innocence and a wholesome joy that only a child is capable of. The smile is designed to be infectious and to make you smile. The three colours chosen come together in a happy palette.

The brand illustrations revolve around three concepts:

1. Explore and Imagine
2. Art and craft
3. Have fun and learn

These brand illustrations lend themselves to any form of identity. Brochures, space design, backdrops, merchandise, walls etc. The themes, though different, are cohesive and continuous. The typography had to be 'without any sense of conflict'. Hence it's rounded, and without sharp edges. Every visual element had to be pleasant and not abrasive in any way. The website has to be a natural extension of these happy characters and the design had to be different but have flowing dimensions without disparity from the core look and feel. The icons for the website are friendly and attractive yet easy to understand. For the stationery, it was imperative to go with the bold characters establishing them as the identity of the preschool with an unmistakable certainty.

The underlying endeavour in all the elements was to establish a happy universe full of colour, joy, friendship, hope and freedom.